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SoSe 21: Master's programmes

Master Economics (as of WiSe 10/11)

  • Economic Growth (advanced)

  • Economic Systems

    • 31502 Lecture
      Comparative Economic Development (Theocharis Grigoriadis)
      Schedule: Di 10:00-12:00, zusätzliche Termine siehe LV-Details (Class starts on: 2021-04-13)
      Location: Online
    • 31503 Practice seminar
      Comparative Economic Development (Alireza Rahimi)
      Schedule: Di 12:00-14:00, zusätzliche Termine siehe LV-Details (Class starts on: 2021-04-20)
      Location: Online
  • Finance and Development

    • 33232 Advanced Lecture Course
      Finance and Development (Barbara Fritz, Erick José Limas Maldonado)
      Schedule: Mi 12:00-14:00 (Class starts on: 2021-04-14)
      Location: Online - zeitABhängig
    • 33233 Methods Tutorial
      Finance and Development (Erick José Limas Maldonado)
      Schedule: Mi 16:00-18:00 (Class starts on: 2021-04-14)
      Location: Online - zeitABhängig
    • Advanced Microeconomics 0258aA1.1
    • Advanced Macroeconomics 0258aA1.2
    • Advanced Econometrics 0258aA1.4
    • Welfare Economics 0353aA1.3
    • Information Economics 0258aB1.1
    • Exchange Rate Economics 0258aB1.2
    • Monetary Theory 0258aB1.3
    • Labour Economics 0353aB2.1
    • Health Economics 0258aB2.4
    • Monetary and Fiscal Policy 0258bB2.1
    • Social Protection 0353aB1.3
    • Regulation of Companies 0353aB3.2
    • International Macroeconomics 0353aB4.1
    • Microeconometrics 0258aB3.1
    • Advanced Statistics 0258aB3.2
    • Multivariate Methods 0258aB3.3
    • Advanced Time Series Econometrics 0258aB3.4
    • Current Research Questions on Microeconomics 0258aC1.1
    • Current Research Questions on Macroeconomics 0258aC1.2
    • Current Research Questions on Economic Policy 0258aC1.4
    • Current Research Questions on Statistics 0258aC1.5
    • Current Research Questions on Econometrics 0258aC1.6
    • Current Research Questions on Public Economic Theory 0353aC1.1
    • Current Research Questions on International Fiscal Policy 0353aC1.2
    • Current Research Questions on Social and Labor Policy 0353aC1.3
    • Poverty and Distribution 0258aD1.1
    • Development Theories and Strategies 0258aD1.4
    • Advanced Survey Statistics 0258aD1.7
    • New Methods in Statistics 0258aD1.8
    • Monetary Macroeconomics 0258bD1.19
    • Angerechnete Zusatzleistung I 5 LP (Supplementary Achievement I 5 CP) 0258cD1.31
    • Credits for additional work II 5 CP 0258cD1.32
    • Angerechnete Zusatzleistung III 5 LP (Supplementary Achievement III 5 CP) 0258cD1.33
    • Angerechnete Zusatzleistung IV 5 LP Supplementary Achievement IV 5 CP) 0258cD1.34
    • Angerechnete Zusatzleistung V 5 LP (Supplementary Achievement V 5 CP) 0258cD1.35
    • Angerechnete Zusatzleistung VI 5 LP (Supplementary Achievement VI 5 CP) 0258cD1.36
    • Angerechnete Zusatzleistung VII 5 LP (Supplementary Achievement VII 5 CP) 0258cD1.37
    • Design of Economic Systems 0353aB3.3
    • Economic History of the 20th Century 0353aB4.4

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