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SoSe 21: Psychology

M.Sc. in Psychology - Industrial, Organisational, and Business Psychology

    • Module 1: Research Methods 0379bA1.1
    • Module 2: Applied Psychological Diagnostics 0379bA1.2
    • Modul 3: Klinische Psychologie und Gesundheitspsychologie I 0379bA1.3
    • Modul 4: Berufspraktikum 0379bA1.4
    • Practice and research fields of work, organisational and economic psychology 0372bA2.1
    • Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience - Minor subject 0379bA2.10
    • Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology II 0379bA2.6
    • Industrial and Personnel Psychology 0379bA2.7
    • Organisationspsychologie 0379bA2.8
    • Sozial- und Wirtschaftspsychologie 0379bA2.9
    • Colloquium accompanying the Master's thesis 0372bE1.2

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