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SoSe 21: Module offerings

Modulangebot Management 30 LP (ab WiSe 21/22)

  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility)


    learning objectives:
    Students gain basic knowledge of the parameters and courses of action in corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR). They learn about current issues and theoretical approaches in corporate governance (CG) research as well as new approaches being developed in CSR. Students develop their ability to interpret cases involving business practices and questions of regulation with respect to CG or CSR based on the application of theoretical approaches and concepts. They also learn to develop courses of action for specific cases and critically evaluate them. Through research-oriented teaching, students learn how to develop a social science research question on a given topic. They also learn how to debate theories and concepts as well as how to assess the significance of both theoretical, conceptual research as well as empirical studies.

    course content:
    CG and CSR theories (e.g. agency theory, stakeholder theory, institutionalist approaches); ownership structures; the influence of shareholders on corporate policy; the role of executive and supervisory boards and non-executive directors; executive board remuneration; the market for corporate governance; democratic decision-making and employee participation; conflicts of interest and gatekeeper failure; regulation and self-regulation (e.g. codes); international comparison of CG structures and CSR with regard to social and political processes of governance in multinational companies.

    language of instruction:

    180 hours (6 ECTS)

    duration / frequency

    one semester / irregular

    • Management ? Eine problemorientierte Einführung (Management - A problem-oriented introduction) 0518bA1.1
    • Organisationstheorie (Organization Theory) 0518bA1.2
    • Organisationsforschung (organizational research) 0518bA1.3
    • Supply and Operations Management (Supply and Operations Management) 0170dA1.7
    • Strategisches Management (Strategic Management) 0170dA1.8
    • Grundlagen der Personalpolitik (Introduction to Employment Relations) 0170dA1.9
    • Unternehmenskooperation (Business Cooperation) 0170dB1.1
    • International Management (International Management) 0170dB1.3

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