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SoSe 21: Psychology

Master Cognitive Neuroscience (MCNB - 7158a)

  • Natural Language Processing

    • 127580 Lecture
      (V) Natural Language Processing (Arthur Jacobs)
      Schedule: zeitabhängige online-Vorlesung 14-täglich vierstündig, Beginn: 13.04.2021 (Class starts on: 2021-04-13)
      Location: keine Angabe
    • 127581 Practice seminar
      (Ü) Natural Language Processing (Arthur Jacobs)
      Schedule: zeitabhängige online-Übung 14-täglich vierstündig, Beginn: 20.04.2021 (Class starts on: 2021-04-20)
      Location: keine Angabe
    • Neurocognitive Foundations of Perception and Action 7158aA1.1
    • Research Experience 7158aA1.10
    • Information Processing and Consciousness 7158aA1.2
    • Affective and Social Neuroscience 7158aA1.3
    • Neurocognitive Methods and Data Analysis 7158aA1.4
    • Probabilistic and Statistical Modelling 7158aA1.5
    • Introduction to Programming 7158aA1.6
    • Computational Cognitive Neuroscience 7158aA1.7
    • Neurocognitive Methods Practical 7158aA1.8
    • Research Workshop 7158aA1.9
    • Decision Neuroscience 7158aA2.2
    • Neurobiology of mental disorders and psychotherapy 7158aA2.3
    • Kolloquium Masterarbeit 7158aE1.2

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