SoSe 21  
Magister legum ...  

SoSe 21: Law Studies

Magister legum (StO/PO 2007)

    • Introduction to German Law E15bA1.1
    • Internship E15bA1.2
    • Introduction to Civil Law E15aA1.1
    • General Law of Obligations, Provisions for Breach of Contract E15aA1.2
    • Specific Law of Obligations E15aA1.3
    • Property Law E15aE1.1
    • Commercial and Corporate Law E15aE1.2
    • Labour Law E15aE1.3
    • Civil Procedural Law E15aE1.5
    • Family Law and Succession E15aE1.6
    • Private Consumer Law E15aF2.1
    • Distribution Law and Formation of Contracts E15aF2.2
    • Private Isurance Law E15aF2.3
    • Business Law: European and German Competition and Regulatory Law E15aF3.1
    • Business Law: Intellectual Property Law E15aF3.2
    • Corporate Law: Company Law E15aF3.3
    • Corporate Law: Corporate Grounds and the Right to Change Legal Standards, Law of the European Public Limited Company (SE), The Co-determination Act E15aF3.4
    • Individual Emplayment Law, European and International Employment law E15aF4.1
    • Collective Labour Law E15aF4.2
    • Social Insurance Law E15aF4.3
    • Private Insurance Law E15aF4.4
    • Private International Law E15aF7.3
    • Comparative Law E15aF7.4
    • Elective courses in Civil Law E15bB1.1
    • Introduction to Criminal Law I and crimes against the person E15aA2.1
    • Introduction to Criminal Law II and crimes of property E15aA2.2
    • Crimes of Estate and other chosen crimes E15aA2.3
    • Criminal Procedural Law E15aE3.1
    • Crimal Procedural Law and Constitutional Court E15aF5.1
    • Criminology E15aF5.2
    • Special Areas of the Criminal Justice: Economic and Environmental Law and Minor Offences Law E15aF5.3
    • Elective courses in Criminal Law E15bB2.1
    • Introduction to Public Law E15aA3.1
    • Fundamental Rights and Human Rights E15aA3.2
    • General Administrative Law E15aA3.3
    • Specific Administrative Law matters E15aE2.1
    • European Law E15aE2.2
    • Accounting and Tax Law: Gerneral Tax Law E15aF3.5
    • Accounting and Tax Law: Accounting and Corporate Tax Law E15aF3.6
    • Jurisprudence E15aF6.1
    • Government and Administration E15aF6.2
    • Norm Setting E15aF6.3
    • Public International Law E15aF7.1
    • European Law E15aF7.2
    • Elective courses in Public Law E15bB3.1
    • Methodology of Law E15aB2.1
    • Sociology of Law E15aB3.1
    • Philosophy of Law E15aB4.1
    • German Legal and Constitutional History E15bB4.1
    • Roman Law E15bB4.2

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