12517b Seminar

WiSe 12/13: Introduction to E-Learning: Psychological and educational foundations, development, evaluation and use of e-learning-modules

Ludwig Issing

Hinweise für Studierende

To enroll for this online seminar please write an e-mail to falken@zedat.fu-berlin.de!


This is an E-learning seminar consisting of 10 learning modules for self study and the possibility to communicate with your fellow students via the Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard of the FU Berlin. Studying a module requires about 2 to 3 hours. Further information on www.cmr.fu-berlin.de Important: To enroll for this online seminar, please write an e-mail to our technical assistant Stefan Falkenhagen falken@zedat.fu-berlin.de containing - the course number - your full name - your e-mail address - your immatriculation number at the FU (or the immatriculation number at your home university together with the name of your home university) - your field of study - your study year - the name of your home university. Then you will receive by e-Mail an access code to the learning content in the Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard of the FU Berlin and additional information for the seminar. This online learning seminar consists of the following 10 learning modules: 1. What is elearning? 2. Learning theory: Behaviorism 3. Learning theory: Cognitivism 4. Cognitivism: Case based reasoning and learning with mental scripts 5. Learning theory: Constructivism 6. Constructivism: problem-oriented and interactive learning 7. Instructional Systems Design (ISD) 8. Project management and didactical conception of e-larning 9. Media desing and development of e-learning applications 10. Evaluation of e-learning applications. It is recommended that you study one module every week. There are self test questions for each module with master solutions. This online seminar requires motivation for self study at your computer any time any place. Possibility for communication with your fellow students and with the professor is offered via a forum or e-Mail. In order to receive an attestation of participation or a graded certificate for this seminar, it is required that you come to the university for the final test Jan 29. 2013. For passing the final exam you will receive 4 ECTS credits (4 LP). Reference literature: Issing, L.J. and Klimsa, P. (Eds.) (2009/2011) Online-Lernen. Oldenbourg Verlag, München. Schließen

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Fr, 15.02.2013 12:00 - 14:00

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ludwig Issing

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