204180 Vorlesung

WiSe 12/13: Hot plasmas in the universe

Robert Wolf

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Eligible lecture of the module "Advanced Astronomy and Astrophysics" (Physics / Master). Open also for all students with interest in astronomy and astrophysic.

Basic knowledge in physics and mathematics. Knowledge of the physics / B.Sc. Module "Einführung in die Astronomie und Astrophysik" Schließen


The major part of the visible matter in the universe consists of plasma. Plasma states range from relativistic plasma jets, thin hot plasmas of the interstellar medium, and dense hot plasmas in the centre of stars, to terrestrial plasmas such as the aurora borealis or lightning. Extreme plasma states similar to those in the universe, also can be replicated in laboratory plasmas.

The lecture introduces the basic of high temperature plasma physics. By means of examples (interstellar medium, nuclear fusion in the stars, solar wind, laboratory plasmas, etc.) the properties of plasmas will be explained (characterization of plasmas, particle motion, fluid description, plasma transport, plasma waves). This knowledge also ca be used to develop measurement techniques for determining plasma properties. At the end of the lecture a visit to the fusion experiment Wendelstein 7-X, at present under construction in Greifswald, will be organized. Schließen

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