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WiSe 13/14: Computer Science

Bachelor's programme in Computer Science (150 cp, 2016 study regulations)

    • Functional Programming 086cA1.1
    • Object-oriented Programming for students with some knowledge of programming 086cA1.2
    • Object-oriented Programming for students with no knowledge of programming 086cA1.3
    • Algorithms, Data Structures and Data Abstraction 086cA1.4
    • Non-sequential and Distributed Programming 086cA1.5
    • Computer Architecture, Operation and Communication Systems 086cA2.1
    • Impacts of Computer Science 086cA3.1
    • Database Systems 086cA3.2
    • Software Technology 086cA3.3
    • Fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science 086cA4.1
    • Logic and Discrete Mathematics 086cA5.1
    • Linear Algebra for Computer Scientists 086cA5.2
    • Analysis for Computer Scientists 086cA5.3
    • Scientific Work in Computer Science 086cA6.1
    • Fundamentals of Technical Computer Science 086cB1.1
    • Research Lab 086cB1.2
    • Introductory Didactics of Computer Science 086cB1.3
    • Scientific Work in Applied Computer Science 086cB1.4
    • Scientific Work in Theoretical Computer Science 086cB1.5
    • Scientific Work in Technical Computer Science 086cB1.6
    • Image Processing 089cA1.1
    • Medical Image Processing 089cA1.10
    • Model-driven Software Development 089cA1.11
    • Pattern Recognition 089cA1.12
    • Network-Based Information Systems 089cA1.13
    • Computer Security 089cA1.16
    • Semantic Business Process Management 089cA1.17
    • Software Processes 089cA1.18
    • Compiler Construction 089cA1.19
    • Computer Graphics 089cA1.2
    • Distributed Systems 089cA1.20
    • XML Technology 089cA1.21
    • Practices in Professional Software Development 089cA1.22
    • Software project Applied Computer Science A 089cA1.23
    • Current research topics in Applied Computer Science 089cA1.27
    • Special Aspects of Applied Computer Science 089cA1.28
    • Advanced Topics in Data Management 089cA1.29
    • Computer Vision 089cA1.3
    • Special Aspects of Software Development 089cA1.30
    • Selected Topics in Applied Computer Science 089cA1.31
    • Database Technology 089cA1.4
    • Empirical Evaluation in Computer Science 089cA1.5
    • Principles of Software Testing 089cA1.7
    • Artificial Intelligence 089cA1.9
    • Advanced Analysis 089cA2.1
    • Software project - Theoretical Computer Science A 089cA2.10
    • Model Checking 089cA2.2
    • Current Research Topics in Theoretical Computer Science 089cA2.3
    • Computational Geometry 089cA2.4
    • Selected Topics in Theoretical Computer Science 089cA2.5
    • Advanced topics in Theoretical Computer Science 089cA2.6
    • Special aspects of Theoretical Computer Science 089cA2.7
    • Cryptography and Security in Distributed Systems 089cA2.8
    • Semantics of Programming Languages 089cA2.9
    • Operating Systems 089cA3.1
    • Current research topics in Technical Computer Science 089cA3.10
    • Special aspects of Technical Computer Science 089cA3.11
    • Selected Topics in Technical Computer Science 089cA3.12
    • Microprocessor Lab 089cA3.2
    • Mobile Communications 089cA3.3
    • Robotics 089cA3.4
    • Telematics 089cA3.5
    • Software project - Technical Computer Science A 089cA3.6

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