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WiSe 13/14: East Asia and the Middle East

B.A. in Korean Studies (2005 study regulations)

    • Korean I 122aA1.1
    • Korean II 122aA1.2
    • East Asian History (including China and Japan) 122aA2.1
    • Korean Studies I 122aA3.1
    • Korean III 122aB1.1
    • Korean IV 122aB1.2
    • Korean V 122aB1.3
    • East Asian Culture (with a Special Focus on China and Japan) 122aB2.1
    • East Asian Politics and Economics (with a Special Focus on China and Japan) 122aB2.2
    • Korean Studies II 122aB3.1
    • Advanced Module: Korean Studies 122aB3.2

Subjects A - Z