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WiSe 14/15: Institut für Englische Philologie (WE 6)

60 LP Englische Philologie (StO und PO gültig ab WS 15/16)

    • BM1 Introduction to Literary Studies 042eA1.1
    • BM2 Introduction to English Linguistics 042eA1.2
    • AM1 Surveying English Literatures 042eB1.1
    • AM2 Introduction to Cultural Studies 042eB1.2
    • AM3 Medieval English Literatures 042eB1.3
    • AM4 Levels of Linguistic Analysis 042eB1.4
    • AM5 History of English 042eB1.5
    • Oral Skills and Writing Skills 1 042eD1.1
    • Oral Skills and Writing Skills 2 042eD1.2
    • Mediating Skills 042eD1.3
    • VM-C1 Modernity and Alterity in the Literatures of Medieval Britain 043eC1.1
    • VM-C2 Literary Studies: Periods-Genres-Concepts 043eC1.2
    • VM-C3 Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures 043eC1.3
    • VM-C4 Culture-Gender-Media 043eC1.4
    • VM-C5 Sociolinguistics and Varieties of English 043eC1.5
    • VM-C6 Structure of English 043eC1.6
    • VM-C7 Semantics and Pragmatics 043eC1.7
    • VM-C8 Language Change 043eC1.8

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