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WiSe 14/15: Telematik


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Voraussetzungen: Grundkenntnisse im Bereich Rechnersysteme

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This courseWeb-based Information Systems imparts knowledge about core Web technologies and problem solutions for web-based information systems. The lecture addresses topics such as:

  • Web Technologies (Web Applications, Web Services, Semantic Web)
  • Architecture, Structure, and Access of the Web (Web architectures, server- and client-side web applications, Deep Web, crawling and indexing, ...
  • Web Search (information retrieval, search engine methods, collaborative filtering, text/web mining, ...)
  • Corporate Semantic Web (semantic search, semantic engineering, semantic collaboration, social-semantic Web 3.0)

In the supplementary exercise course the students will practically apply existing Web technologies and standards and learn how to implement solutions for modern Web-based Information Systems.


Suggested reading

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