WiSe 14/15  
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WiSe 14/15: Institute of German and Dutch Languages and Literatures

M.A. in Comparative Dutch Studies

    • Comparative Dutch Linguistics (UvA) 358aA1.1
    • Comparative Dutch Literature (UvA) 358aA1.2
    • Methods and Techniques (UvA) 358aA1.3
    • Linguistic Theory and Comparison 358aA2.1
    • Processes of Intertextuality 358aA2.2
    • Preparatory Research Tutorial Comparative Dutch Studies 358aA2.3
    • Multilingualism 358aA3.1
    • Cultural Transfer Processes 358aA3.2
    • Linguistic Research Tutorial 358aA3.3
    • Linguistic Research Tutorial 358aA3.4
    • Dutch as a Scholarly Language 358aA4.1
    • Research Internship 358aA4.2

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