23309b Seminar

WiSe 15/16: S/P Winterlimnologie - Kohlenstoffdynamiken in kalten Jahreszeiten

Katrin Premke

Information for students

Untersuchungsgebiet wird der Stechlinsee, sowie andere Gewässer in der Umgebung sein. Unkostenbeitrag Übernachtung ca. 10,-€ /Nacht.


The last three days of the lectures / seminars will be run in a 3-day block course with lectures and practice alternately performed at the IGB in Neuglobsow, located at Stechlinsee. We will be accommodated in nearby guest house 'Old School' (Kitchen available, self catering). You will apply our acquired knowledge in practice at the lakes in this region. Additional, methods for carbon measurements will be teached and applied in praxis in form of small projects. Study area will be the Stechlinsee, and other waters in the area. Costs: 10, - € / night. Research questions will be answered on the basis on state of the art methods. Attending the practicum requires participation in the lecture close

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