WiSe 15/16  

WiSe 15/16: Master's programme in Physics


    • Advanced Atomic and Molecular Physics 352aA2.2
    • Advanced Biophysics 352aA2.3
    • Quantum Field Theory and Many Body Physics 352aA2.5
    • Introductory Module: Essential Questions of Philosophy 044cA2.1
    • Introductory Module: Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy 044cA2.3
    • Introductory Module: Introduction to Practical Philosophy 044cA2.4
    • Introduction to Numerical Mathematics (Numerics I) 084aA4.1
    • Fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science 086bA3.1
    • Geophysics: Earthquakes and the Structure of the Earth 106aA1.5
    • Geophysics I-III: Seismology I 106aB4.9
    • Computer Science B 132bA1.2
    • Grundlagen der Biologie 145aA1.1
    • Advanced Module Differential Equations I 280aA1.1
    • Specialization Module Numerics III: Partial Differential Equations 280aA4.2
    • "Special Module ""Visualization""" 280aA4.6
    • Theoretical Solid State Physics 352aA3.1
    • Special Topics in Molecular Biophysics (a) 352aA3.10
    • Photobiophysics and Photosynthesis 352aA3.11
    • Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena 352aA3.12
    • Quantum Optics 352aA3.13
    • Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particles 352aA3.14
    • General Relativity 352aA3.15
    • Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Nonlinear Optics (a) 352aA3.5
    • Spectroscopic Methods (b) 352aA3.51
    • Spectroscopic Methods (c) 352aA3.52
    • Spectroscopic Methods (d) 352aA3.53
    • Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Nonlinear Optics (b) 352aA3.54
    • Nanophysics (b) 352aA3.55
    • Special Topics in Molecular Physics (b) 352aA3.56
    • Surface Physics 352aA3.6
    • Nanophysics (a) 352aA3.7
    • Special Topics in Magnetism 352aA3.8
    • Special Topics in Molecular Physics (a) 352aA3.9
    • Seminar on Master's Thesis 352aE1.2

Subjects A - Z