WiSe 16/17  
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WiSe 16/17: Institute of Philosophy

Magister Philosophie

    • A. Lectures E47aA1.1
    • Study Orientation in Philosophy E47aB1.1
    • Reading and Interpretation of Classical Texts E47aB1.2
    • Logics or Logical Propaedeutics E47aB1.3
    • Theoretical Philosophy E47aB.2.2
    • Practical Philosophy E47aB2.1
    • Special Areas E47aB2.3
    • Practice Seminar on Methodology and the Use of Additional Resources E47aB3.1
    • Practical Philosophy E47aC1.1
    • Theoretical Philosophy E47aC1.2
    • Special Areas E47aC1.3
    • Colloquia E47aC2.1

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