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WiSe 17/18: ENTFÄLLT: Theoretical and practical introduction to computer-aided geologic 3D modelling (Theoretische und praktische Einführung in die computergestützte geologische Modellierung)

René Prissang

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StudO 2017 Modul MSc-GG007 "Spezielle Themen der Geologie I" (V (2 SWS)+ Ü (2 SWS) = 6 LP) /StudO 2012 MSc Modul GG011: "Spezielle Themen der Geologie" : V (2 SWS) + S (2 SWS) = 6 LP)

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Achtung: Lehrveranstaltung entfällt im WS 17/18 und wird estattdessen im September 2018 angeboten! (Knowledge in CAD or GIS would be beneficial.


Qualification goals Acquaintance with geometric and property modelling methods in geology, understanding of the underlying theories, as well as acquisition of modelling skills Course description The course provides the necessary understanding how to translate geological knowledge into digital geological models. It introduces students to the core concepts of geometric modelling (surface and volume modelling, representations schemes in computer-aided design) and property modelling (basic statistics, stochastic processes, geostatistics). Theoretical introductions are followed by exercises to obtain hands-on experience using the integrated geological modelling package Lynx by Hentiq 2885 (Pty.) Ltd. of Centurion, South Africa The available data set will allow the participants to get to know the tools for delineating the geometry of a deposit, to investigate the spatial variability of ore grades and other rock properties (geostatistical structure analysis) as well as to use the obtained knowledge about in property estimation (Inverse distance Weighting, Kriging methods). Schließen


Literatur (geometric modelling) HOULDING, S. (1994): 3D geoscience Modeling.- 309 p., (Springer). GROSHON, R.H. (2006): 3-D Structural Geology.- 2nd ed., 400 p., (Springer). MALLET, J.-L. (2002): Geomodeling.- 599 p., (Oxford University Press). O’ROURKE, J. (2001): Computational Geometry in C.- 2nd ed, reprint, 375 p., (Cambridge University Press). Literatur (property modelling) DAVIS, J.C. (1973); Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology.- 560 p., (Wiley). ROSSI, M.E. & DEUTSCH, C.V. (2014): Mineral Resource Estimation.- 332 p., (Springer). Schließen

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Di, 17.10.2017 11:00 - 13:00
Vorbesprechung aller Lehrveranstaltungen der Planetologie

René Prissang

D 215 Seminarraum Planetologie/Geophysik (Malteserstr. 74-100 D)

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