24247b Laborpraktikum

WiSe 17/18: Mineral Characterization

Liane G. Benning and GFZ personnel

Hinweise für Studierende

StudO 2017 Modul MSc Modul GG047: "Mineral Characterization" (V (2 SWS) + Laborpraktikum (1 SWS) + S (2 SWS) = 6 LP) /StudO 2012 MSc Modul GG021: " Spezielle Themen der Geochemie, S (2 SWS)+ Ü (2 SWS) = 6 LP Schließen

Zusätzl. Angaben / Voraussetzungen

Zielgruppe: MSc-Stud. who’s research aims are focused on high-resolution mineral characterization (Max no. of participants: 6 Students)
Anmeldung per email bei Sandy Herrmann (sandy.herrmann@gfz-potsdam.de). Deadline: 9 Februar 2018
Die Einbuchung in Campus Management wird spätervom Studien- und Prüfungsbüro vorgenommen, sofern das Modul nicht bereits zuvor mit anderem Thema erfolgreich belegt wurde. Schließen


Qualifikationsziele: Students will learn about theoretical aspects of electron and X-ray imaging, diffraction, scattering and micro-spectroscopy and will get hands-on training in high-end mineral analyses techniques. They will learn about mineralogical aspects related to crystallization and mineral transformations in aqueous solutions with a low-temperature to hydrothermal geochemical focus. Learning outcome: critical assessment of modes and means to analyze complex mineral assemblages that form from solutions. Hands on training may include scanning + transmission electron microscopy (SEM/TEM), nano-diffraction, energy dispersive X-ray analyses, basics of small angle mineral scattering, micro-spectroscopy. The students will learn how to collect and interpret data and how to derive quantitative mechanistic reaction information. Depending on access the module may also include visits to specialized micro-characterization facilities in Berlin. Students will prepare reports from the hands on training (and or specialized visits) and give short presentations about one technique and one application during a seminar. Inhalte: Lectures: Fundamental concepts in electron and X-ray micro-spectroscopic analyses for mineral systems. Diffraction, scattering and high-resolution electron imaging: data acquisition, data handling and interpretation. In situ and time resolved methods of mineral formation using liquid cell imaging technologies and or synchrotron X-ray methods. The good the bad and the ugly in mineral characterization using micro-spectroscopic techniques. Caveats, pitfalls and best practices in sample preparation, handling, data acquisition and interpretation. Hands-on practical: high-resolution imaging and diffraction using SEM/TEM etc. visits possible to BAM or BESSY. Schließen

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