UP422911 Lecture / Tutorial

WiSe 17/18: Applied Regression Analysis Using Stata

Prof. Dr. Kohler


The lecture has three major goals: First, it repeats materials on multiple linear regression analysis as provided in introductory lectures of sociological BA study paths. Secondly, it starts from that knowledge to introduce advanced topics such as non-parametric regression analysis, multiple regression in matrix terms, regression diagnostic, non-linear relationships, and regression analysis for hierarchical data structures. Finally it provides an introducion to the statistical software Stata, which is used to apply practical examples of the techniques discussed in the lecture.LiteraturKohler, Ulrich and Frauke Kreuter (2012): Data Analysis Using Stata. College Station: Stata Press (deutsche Ausgabe: Datenanalyse mit Stata. München und Wien: Oldenbourg Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: close

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