UP430512a Graduate Course

WiSe 17/18: The Influence of International Bureaucracies in Global Environmental and Development Governance

Dr. Hickmann


After a long period of academic neglect, international bureaucracies have recently attracted wider attention among scholars of world politics. This course is structured in three parts. First, we will gain insights into the existing theoretical and empirical study of international institutions and organizations. Second, students will conduct in-depth case studies on individual international bureaucracies dealing with global environmental and development governance. These case studies will address the central question of the course, i.e. whether, to what extent, and how international bureaucracies exert influence in world politics. Third, we will summarize the findings from the different case studies and draw conclusions on the different theoretical approaches discussed in the first part of the course. Requirements: Regular attendance and active participation; detailed reading of compulsory texts; oral presentation; essay (ca. 2,500 words) or term paper (ca. 4,500 words) [depending on how many credits students aim to achieve] Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: https://puls.uni-potsdam.de/qisserver/rds?state=verpublish&status=init&vmfile=no&publishid=63555&moduleCall=webInfo&publishConfFile=webInfo&publishSubDir=veranstaltung close

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