UP431211b Graduate Course

WiSe 17/18: Shaping an interconnected world - a complex multilevel and cross-sectoral endeavor



Course Description Under the heading „shaping an interconnected world” the recent G20 summit in Hamburg expressed a clear willingness to intensify international cooperation. Great attention is likewise given to the topic of health: thus for example at the first ever gathering of health ministers in the context of a G20 summit who committed to combatting dangerous pathogens as well as the concerning issue of antimicrobial resistance assuming truly alarming dimension in threatening achieved medical progress. Furthermore the young entrepreneurs formulated in their position paper for the G20 summit the request as described in the chapter „health and economy” to consider any health Impacts within the realms of trade agreements, commercial interests and private sector regulations. The course analyses in which framework the political demands of the G20 summit regarding health should be implemented. It sheds light on the complex multi-level and cross-cutting architecture of the interconnection between health and the economy, covering the institutional context of international health and trade and their interconnection. This should result in a better understanding of the interrelations between domestic and international policies as well as of the economic and legal determinants of health. Finally the opportunities and limitations of international cooperation will be identified, theory supplemented by case studies and simulated team negotiations Time and Place 12.12.2017 (9-13) 3.07.227 13.12.2017 (9-13) 3.06.S21 14.12.2017 (9-13) 3.06.S21 15.12.2017 (9-13) 3.06.S14 23.01.2018 (9-13) 3.06.S12 24.01.2018 (9-13) 3.06.S13 25.01.2018 (9-13) 3.06.S12 26.01.2018 (9-13) 3.06.S26 Weitere Informationen unter: https://puls.uni-potsdam.de/qisserver/rds?state=verpublish&status=init&vmfile=no&publishid=65492&moduleCall=webInfo&publishConfFile=webInfo&publishSubDir=veranstaltung close

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