UP436312 Graduate Course

WiSe 17/18: Social Media Research

Abramova , Prof. Dr. Krasnova


As the adoption and usage of social applications is on the rise (e.g. Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, PatientsLikeMe), there is a growing interest in understanding behavior and perceptions of users, as well as the impact of this use on businesses, public sector and society as a whole. Against this background, the goal of this class is to empower students with a set of research approaches and methods that can be used to understand this phenomenon. Among others, course participants will be trained to collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data that reflects usage patterns and perceptions of users of various social applications. This course may serve as a sound methodological preparation for a master thesis or a seminar at the chair of Business Informatics, esp. Social Media and Data Science. Weitere Informationen unter: https://puls.uni-potsdam.de/qisserver/rds?state=verpublish&status=init&vmfile=no&publishid=63219&moduleCall=webInfo&publishConfFile=webInfo&publishSubDir=veranstaltung close

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