60100613 Lab Seminar

WiSe 17/18: Aktuelle zellphysiologische Fragestellungen

Dorothee Günzel


Block course during the semester break. Suitable dates will be determined by doodle.

For further information: http://klinphys.charite.de/bioinfo/

or mail to Dorothee Günzel

Within this course you will carry out molecular biologic experiments (such as site-directed mutagenesis by using two-step PCR). The construct will be cloned into expression vectors, transformed and amplified in bacteria, extracted, sequenced and overexpressed in cultured cells.

These cells will be analyzed in the confocal laser scanning microscope and by other techniques.

The experimental part will be flanked by seminars introducing the theoretical background and the various techniques.

The exact program of this course depends on the actual research of the institute and is tightly connected to our actual projects.


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