WiSe 17/18  
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WiSe 17/18: Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures

Italian Studies (SPO WS 12/13)

    • Advanced Module 1: Language Practice (Italian Studies) 0047cA1.1
    • Advanced Module 2: Language Practice (Italian Studies) 0047cA1.2
    • Specialization Module 1: Language Practice (Italian Studies) 0047cA1.4
    • Privatrecht (Private Law) 0171aA3.2
    • Wirtschaftswissenschaften (in italienischer Sprache) E47lA4.5
    • Study Abroad (Linguistics) 0047cB1.1
    • Study Abroad (Literature) 0047cB2.1
    • Study Abroad (Law) 0047cB3.1
    • Study Abroad (Law) 0047cB3.2
    • Study Abroad (Economics) 0047cB3.3
    • Study Abroad (Economics) 0047cB3.4
    • Study Abroad (History) 0047cB4.1
    • Study Abroad (Art History) 0047cB4.2
    • Study Abroad (Theater Studies) 0047cB4.3

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