WiSe 17/18  
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WiSe 17/18: Schwerpunktstudium

Schwerpunktstudium Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften

    • Introductory Module 1st Language - Introduction to Akkadian 0524aA1.12
    • Einführung ins Koptische 0524aA1.16
    • Fundamentals of the Studies of Ancient Civilizations II 0524aA1.2
    • Overview of Prehistoric Pre- and Protohistoric Periods I 0524aA1.4
    • Overview of Pre- and Protohistoric Periods II 0524aA1.5
    • Overview of Pre- and Protohistoric Periods IV 0524aA1.7
    • Introduction to Archaeology of the Ancient Near East II 0524aA1.9
    • Introduction to the Study of Religion 0524aA10.3
    • Geschichte Chinas vor 1911 0524aA2.1
    • Einführungsmodul: Sozialwissenschaftliche Chinaforschung 0524aA2.3
    • Einführungsmodul: Kulturwissenschaftliche Chinaforschung 0524aA2.4
    • Grundmodul Chinesisch I 0524aA2.5
    • Grundmodul Chinesisch II 0524aA2.6
    • Introduction to the History of the Early Modern Times (16th - 18th Century) 0524aA3.4
    • Geschichte und Gesellschaft II A (Islamwissenschaft) 0524aA4.10
    • Geschichte und Gesellschaft II A (Semitstik) 0524aA4.12
    • Geschichte und Gesellschaft I (Turkologie) 0524aA4.15
    • Persian I 0524aA4.16
    • Persian II 0524aA4.17
    • Geschichte und Gesellschaft II A (Arabistik) 0524aA4.2
    • Arabic II 0524aA4.4
    • Geschichte und Gesellschaft II B (Iranistik) 0524aA4.6
    • Literatur und Quellen II B (Iranistik) 0524aA4.8
    • Introductory Module: Cultural Studies Research on Japan II 0524aA5.2
    • Introductory Module: Social Science Research on Japan II 0524aA5.4
    • Introductory Module Japanese I 0524aA5.5
    • Hebrew I 0524aA6.3
    • Hebrew II 0524aA6.4
    • Classical Texts, Stations, and Persons in Catholic Theology 0524aA7.2
    • Introductory module East Asia: Working Methods in Art History 0524aA9.2
    • Introduction to Comparative Literature 0524aB12.1
    • Introductory Module: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature 0524aB12.2
    • Introductory Module: Comparative Literary History 0524aB12.3
    • Fundamentals of Ancient Greek 0524aB13.1
    • Introduction to Byzantine Studies 0524aB13.2
    • Introductory Module: Byzantine History 0524aB13.3
    • Advanced Module: Byzantine Literature 0524aB13.4
    • Introduction to Modern German Linguistics 0524aB14.1
    • Introduction to Medieval German Literature and Language 0524aB14.2
    • Introduction to Linguistics 0524aB14.3
    • Introduction to Literary Studies 0524aB15.1
    • Introduction to Linguistics 0524aB15.2
    • Greek Language and Scholarly Methods 1 0524aB16.1
    • Greek Literature 1: Introduction to Classical Greek Prose 0524aB16.2
    • Greek Language and Scholarly Methods 2 0524aB16.3
    • Greek Literature 2: Introduction to Classical Greek Poetry 0524aB16.4
    • Greek Literature 3: Prose 0524aB16.5
    • Greek Literature 5 (Concentration Topic 1) 0524aB16.6
    • Greek Literature in Translation 1 0524aB16.7
    • Greek Literature in Translation 2 0524aB16.8
    • Introductory Module II: Galician 0524aB3.2
    • Introductory Module II: Catalan 0524aB5.2
    • Introductory Module: Philosophical Argumentation 2 0524aB8.2
    • Introductory Module: Introduction to Practical Philosophy and the Interpretation of Central Classical Works 0524aB8.4
    • Introductory Module: Introduction to Practical Philosophy 0524aB8.6

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