WiSe 17/18  
Biology, Chemis...  

WiSe 17/18: Chemistry

Masterstudiengang Chemie (Mono) (Studienordnung 2002)

    • Seminars and Internships E50fB1.1
    • Courses offered by Anorganic Chemistry Working Groups E50mB10.1
    • Courses offered by Organic Chemistry Working Groups E50mB20.1
    • Courses offered by Physical and Theoretic Chemistry Working Groups E50mB30.1
    • Inorganic Chemistry (Elective modules) E50fB10.1
    • Analytical Chemistry E50fB40.1
    • Further Subjects in Chemistry E50fB70.1
    • Natural Science Areas E50fB80.1
    • Humanities and Social Science Areas E50fB90.1

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