19328211 Seminar

WiSe 18/19: Seminar: New Trends in DB

Agnès Voisard


This seminar aims at studying recent trends in data management. Among others, we will look at two emerging topics, namely Location-Based Services (LBS) and Event-Based Services (EBS).
Event-based Systems (EBS) are part of many current applications such as business activity monitoring, stock tickers, facility management, data streaming, or security. In the past years, the topic has gained increasing attention from both the industrial and the academic community. Current research concentrates of diverse aspects that range from event capture (incoming data) to response triggering. This seminar aims at studying some of the current trends in Event-based Systems with a strong focus on models and design. Location-based services are now often part of every day's life through applications such as navigation assistants in the public or private transportation domain. The underlying technology deals with many different aspects, such as location detection, information retrieval, or privacy. More recently, aspects such as user context and preferences were considered in order to send users more personalized information.
A solid background in databases is required, typically a database course at a bachelor level.


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