216502b Seminar

WiSe 18/19: Macromolecular (protein-protein, protein-DNA/RNA) interactions / Makromoleculare (protein-protein, protein-DNA/RNA) Interaktionen

Sutapa Chakrabarti

Information for students

The number of participants in this block class is limited to 15. Should you wish to participate, please register yourself by sending an e-mail to chakraba@zedat.fu-berlin.de no later than one week before the first lecture.

The class will only be held if at least 6 students are registered on the day before the first lecture! close


Student seminars based on current papers describing some of the methods discussed in 216502a, followed by a discussion of the paper and associated literature

Prof. Dr. Sutapa Chakrabarti: chakraba@zedat.fu-berlin.de close

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