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WiSe 18/19: Institute of Art History

Art History 60 cp

    • Introductory Module: Visual Arts 0114bA1.1
    • Introductory Module: Architecture 0114bA1.2
    • Introductory Module: Art History and its Changing Functions 0114bA1.3
    • Advanced Module Art History: Middle Ages 0114bB1.1
    • Advanced Module Art History: Modern Period 0114bB1.2
    • Advanced Module Art History: Modernity and the Present Day 0114bB1.3
    • Advanced Practical Studies 0114bB1.4
    • Advanced Module: Theory and Methods 0114bB1.5
    • Advanced Module: East Asian Art History: From the Neolithic Period to the Middle Ages 0114bB1.6
    • Advanced Module: East Asian Art History: From the Middle Ages to the Modern Period 0114bB1.7
    • Introductory Module: South Asian Art History 0114bB1.8
    • Advanced Module: Archeology, Architecture, and the South Asian Art History 0114bB1.9

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