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WiSe 19/20: East Asia and the Middle East

B.A. in Chinese Studies

    • Chinese I 0128aA1.1
    • Chinese II 0128aA1.2
    • Foundation Module 0128aA2.1
    • History of China before 1911 0128aA3.1
    • History of Eastern Asia 0128aA3.2
    • Chinese III 0128aB1.1
    • Chinese IV 0128aB1.2
    • History and Culture I 0128aB2.1
    • History and Culture II 0128aB2.2
    • The Economy and the Law I 0128aB2.3
    • Economics and the Law II 0128aB2.4
    • Politics and Society I 0128aB2.5
    • Politics and Society II 0128aB2.6
    • Cultures of Eastern Asia 0128aB2.7
    • Politics and Economics in Eastern Asia 0128aB2.8
    • Pre-Modern Chinese 0128aB2.9
    • History of China after 1911 0128aB3.1
    • Language Specialization Module: History and Culture 0128aC1.1
    • Language Specialization Module: Economics and the Law 0128aC1.2
    • Language Specialization Module: Politics and Society 0128aC1.3
    • History and Culture I 0128aC2.1
    • History and Culture II 0128aC2.2
    • Economics and Law I 0128aC2.3
    • Economics and Law II 0128aC2.4
    • Politics and Society I 0128aC2.5
    • Politics and Society II 0128aC2.6

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