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WiSe 19/20: Master's programme in Teacher Education (120 cp)

Chemistry and Teaching Methods for Chemistry

    • Metal Chemistry 0195aA1.1
    • Molecular Spectroscopy for Biochemistry and Chemistry Teachers 0195aA1.10
    • Molecular Dynamics on the Computer 0195aA1.11
    • Chemistry Lesson Concepts 0195aA1.12
    • Analysis of Chemistry Lessons 0195aA1.13
    • Subject-Based Teaching (Studies on the Teaching of Chemistry in Schools) 0195aA1.14
    • Nonmetal Chemistry 0195aA1.2
    • Solid Body Chemistry 0195aA1.3
    • Radiochemistry 0195aA1.4
    • Modern Synthesis Processes 0195aA1.5
    • Natural Products Chemistry/Bio-Organic Chemistry 0195aA1.6
    • Reaction Mechanisms/Reactive Interim Steps 0195aA1.7
    • Stereo Chemistry 0195aA1.8
    • Electrochemistry/Boundary Layers 0195aA1.9

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