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WiSe 19/20: Studies in Ancient Civilisations

Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (2007 study regulations)

    • Fundamentals of the Studies of Ancient Civilizations I 0272aA1.1
    • Fundamentals of the Studies of Ancient Civilizations II 0272aA1.2
    • Integrative Topic Module 0272aA1.3
    • Excavation Skills 0274aA2.2
    • Groups and Typologies in Excavation Work 0274aA2.3
    • Archaeology of Preliterate and Literate Epochs in the Ancient Near East 0274aA2.4
    • Special Topics in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology 0274aA2.5
    • Introduction to Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology 0274aA2.6
    • Fundamentals of Egyptian Archaeology 0270aA2.1
    • Special Topics in Egyptian Archaeology 0270aA2.2
    • Research Methods in Egyptian Archaeology 0270aA2.3
    • Introduction to Egyptian Text and Language (Middle Egyptian) 0270aA2.4
    • Introductory Module: Ancient Near Eastern Languages and History 0271aA2.1
    • Cultural History Module I: History 0271aA2.12
    • Cultural History Module II: Economy and Society 0271aA2.13
    • Cultural History Module III: Literature 0271aA2.14
    • Cultural History Module IV: Religions 0271aA2.15
    • Cultural History Module V: Cultural History of the Ancient Near East 0271aA2.16
    • Introductory Module: Akkadian 0271aA2.17
    • Introductory Module: Hittite 0271aA2.18
    • Introductory Module: Sumerian 0271aA2.19
    • Introductory Module: Additional Language 0271aA2.20
    • Eras 0272aA2.1
    • Systematic Module A 0272aA2.2
    • Systematic Module B 0272aA2.3
    • Systematic Module C 0272aA2.4
    • Analytical Module A 0272aA2.5
    • Analytical Module B 0272aA2.6
    • Analytical Module C 0272aA2.7
    • Research Communication in Classical Archaeology 0272aA2.8
    • Integrative Required Elective Module 0272aA3.26
    • Integrative Required Elective Module 0272aA3.27
    • Introduction to One European Cultural Area 0273aA2.1
    • Survey of Prehistoric Eras 0273aA2.2
    • Introduction to Genres and Subject Areas in Prehistoric Archaeology 0273aA2.3
    • Survey of Prehistoric Eras 0273aA2.4
    • Era and Chronology 0273aA2.5
    • Eras within a Cultural Area 0273aA2.6
    • Reading Sumerian 0271aA2.10
    • Reading Module: Additional Ancient Near Eastern Language 0271aA2.11
    • Reading Module: Akkadian I - Historical Literary Texts 0271aA2.6
    • Reading Module: Akkadian II - Legal, Economics, and Administrative Texts 0271aA2.7
    • Reading Module: Akkadian III - Mythological and Religious Texts 0271aA2.8
    • Reading Hittite 0271aA2.9
    • Kontaktmodul 0271aA4.6

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