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WiSe 19/20: East Asia and the Middle East

Iranian Studies (2008 study regulations)

    • History and Society I 0277aA1.1
    • History and Society II 0277aA1.2
    • Persian I 0277aA1.3
    • Persian II 0277aA1.4
    • Literature and Sources I 0277aB1.1
    • Literature and Sources II 0277aB1.2
    • Persian IIIa 0277aB1.3
    • Persian IIIb 0277aB1.4
    • Continuity and Changes in Iranian History 0277aC1.1
    • Iranian Literatures and Written Records 0277aC1.2
    • Kurdish I 0277aC1.3
    • Kurdish II 0277aC1.4

Subjects A - Z