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WiSe 19/20: Studies in Ancient Civilisations

Egyptology (2008 study regulations)

    • Egyptian Language and Script History 0329bA1.1
    • Philology and Text Culture of the Pharaonic Egypt 0329bA1.2
    • Egyptian Archaeology and Monument Studies 0329bA1.3
    • Theory and Interpretation in Egyptian Archaeolgy 0329bA1.4
    • History and Cultural History of Ancient Egypt 0329bA1.5
    • Egyptian Philology and Linguistics (Concentration Module) 0329bA2.1
    • Methods of Egyptian Archaeology (Concentration Module) 0329bA2.2
    • Topics in Egyptology 0329bA3.1
    • Issues in Egyptology 0329bA3.2

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