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WiSe 19/20: Catholic Theology

Catholic Theology (60 cp)

    • Fundamentals and Research Methods in Catholic Theology 0354aA1.1
    • Classical Texts, Stations, and Figures in Catholic Theology 0354aA1.2
    • Hermeneutics and the History of Biblical Scripture 0354aB1.1
    • Exegesis, Theology, and Biblical Scripture 0354aB1.2
    • Reception and Topicality of Biblical Scripture 0354aB1.3
    • Theology as the Science of Faith 0354aB2.1
    • Dogmatics 0354aB2.2
    • Dialogs and Contexts 0354aB2.3
    • Historic Theology 0354aB3.1
    • Practical Theology 0354aB3.2

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