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WiSe 19/20: Doctoral Studies (Department of History and Cultural Studies)

Studies in Ancient Civilisations (WE3)

  • Lecture Series

    • 13772T Miscellaneous
      Tutoring Akk. B, Introd. Hittite, Introd. Sumerian (Herr S. Quaijtaal)
      Schedule: Mo 10:00-12:00 (Class starts on: 2019-10-21)
      Location: , JK 25/132
    • 13974T Miscellaneous
      Lecture Series (Angela Vollbrecht)
      Schedule: Termine siehe LV-Details (Class starts on: 2019-10-30)
      Location: , 1.2051 Seminarraum
    • 13975T Miscellaneous
      Lecture Series (Kristina Bolz)
      Schedule: Mo 16:00-18:00 (Class starts on: 2019-10-21)
      Location: , 0.1063 Besprechungsraum, 1.2058 Seminarraum

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