WiSe 21/22  
Master Cognitiv...  

WiSe 21/22: Psychologie

Master Cognitive Neuroscience (MCNB - 7158b)

    • Cognitive Neuroscience: Perception, Attention, Action and Cognitive Control 7158bA1.1
    • Cognitive Neuroscience: Memory, Emotion, Language and Consciousness 7158bA1.2
    • Cognitive Neuroscience: Research Practice 7158bA1.3
    • Neurocognitive Methods and Data Analysis 7158bA1.4
    • Probabilistic and Statistical Modelling 7158bA1.5
    • Introduction to Programming 7158bA1.6
    • Neurocognitive Methods Practical 7158bA1.7
    • Research Workshop 7158bA1.8
    • Research Experience 7158bA1.9
    • Applied MRI/fMRI: Data Modelling 7158bA2.1
    • Applied MRI/fMRI: Advanced Data Modelling 7158bA2.2
    • Applied EEG: Data Modelling 7158bA2.3
    • Applied EEG: Advanced Data Modelling 7158bA2.4
    • Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Methods: Data Modelling 7158bA2.5
    • Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Methods: Advanced Data Modelling 7158bA2.6
    • Applied Cognitive Neuroscience 7158bA2.7
    • Applied Theoretical Neuroscience 7158bA2.8
    • Applied Computational Cognitive Neuroscience 7158bA2.9
    • Colloquium Master's Thesis 7158bE1.2

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