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WiSe 21/22: Instituts- und/oder fachübergreifende Masterstudiengänge

M.A. Archaeology of the Ancient World (Studienordnung 2022)

    • Introduction to the Archaeology of the Ancient World 7174aA1.1
    • Internship 7174aA1.2
    • Methods in Archaeology and their Application 7174aA2.1
    • Archaeological Theory 7174aA2.2
    • Principles of Academic Research 7174aB1.1
    • Methods in Classical Archaeology 7174aB2.1
    • Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Classical Archaeology 7174aB2.2
    • Chronology and Materiality in Prehistoric Europe 7174aB3.1
    • Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Prehistoric Archaeology 7174aB3.2
    • Near Eastern Archaeology ? Hermeneutics 7174aB4.1
    • Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Near Eastern Archaeology 7174aB4.2
    • Komplementäres Modul (15 LP) 7174aC1.1
    • Komplementäres Modul (10 LP) 7174aC1.2
    • Komplementäres Modul (5 LP) 7174aC1.3
    • Komplementäres Modul (5 LP) 7174aC1.4
    • Komplementäres Modul (5 LP) 7174aC1.5

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