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WiSe 21/22: Altertumswissenschaften (WE 3)

Digital Studies of Ancient Texts (Studienordnung (2023)

    • Data Literacy in Ancient Studies 7187aA1.1
    • Methods of and in Digital Ancient Studies 7187aA1.2
    • Presenting and Communicating Digital Methods in Ancient Studies 7187aA1.3
    • History and Cultural History of Ancient Egypt 7187aB1.1
    • Traditions of Texts and Knowledge in Ancient Egypt 7187aB1.2
    • Approaches to the Study of Ancient Egypt 7187aB1.3
    • Egyptian Philology and Linguistics: Hieratic 7187aB1.4
    • Methodology of Textual and Editorial Analysis 7187aB2.1
    • Evaluating Primary Sources from a Cultural-Historical Perspective 7187aB2.2
    • Proficiency in the Study of Primary Sources 7187aB2.3
    • Berufspraxis 7187aC1.1

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