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WiSe 21/22: Praktikumskolloquium: Applying in English (5/10/15 LP und 20/25/30 LP)

Amanda Wichert

Information for students

Um das Praktikumsmodul abschließen zu können, ist ein Praktikumsbericht im Umfang von mindestens 2000 Wörtern zu verfassen. Bitte schicken Sie Ihren Bericht an: careerservice@fu-berlin.de

Additional information / Pre-requisites

Das Kolloquium besteht aus synchronen und asynchronen Lehreinheiten
Der Veranstaltungslink wird rechtzeitig vor der Veranstaltung per E-Mail bekannt gegeben (bitte ZEDAT E-Mail Adresse überprüfen!) close


Applying for jobs is a complicated process – and can often feel a bit overwhelming. Where do I begin? What am I qualified for? What do employers really mean when they ask for 3-5 years of experience? It can feel even more overwhelming when we consider applying in a foreign language, even if our language skills are excellent. What do English-speaking employers really expect, and how can I present myself confidently? What goes on my resume? What should I leave off?

This workshop is designed to support students in the job/internship application process in English. The workshop will begin by guiding participants through the process of creating an effective career profile for the English-language job market. We’ll then cover searching for a job in English, writing a great resume and cover letter, and mastering the interview process. close

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Thu, 2022-02-24 10:30 - 13:00

Amanda Wichert

Thu, 2022-03-03 10:30 - 13:00

Amanda Wichert

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