23306b Seminar

WiSe 21/22: S Experimental and Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology

J. Wolinska, J. Jeschke, F. Hölker, M. T. Monaghan

Information for students

This block course will mainly take place in the semester break in March (but some elements will last until June, see above). The exact timing will be discussed with the course participants in the pre-meeting. close

Additional information / Pre-requisites

Pre-meeting on 27 October 2021 at 16.00h via WebEx


Different empirical and theoretical research methods will be presented and applied, particularly experimental design (focusing on such aspects as stating research hypothesis, planning proper controls, choosing an appropriate number of replicates, avoiding pseudoreplications, etc.), observational field studies, mathematical modelling, and meta-analysis. Selected topics in evolutionary ecology will be covered, for example the life history of organisms (incl. traits such as lifespan, age of first reproduction, fecundity) or predator-prey interactions (functional responses, prey defenses, predator offenses); current topics will be featured as well. The students will conduct a small research project, in groups, which will be written up in the format of a real research paper. Finally, each student will conduct an individual research project (ca. 30 hours) in April/May and present the results at the concluding symposium in June. close

Subjects A - Z