Cancelled 216451a Seminar

WiSe 21/22: Membrane Protein Expression in Cell-Free Systems

Stefan Kubick

Information for students

Seminar kann nicht einzeln besucht werden!

Additional information / Pre-requisites

Attention!: Participation in the lecture and seminar 216501 a, b in an earlier semester are prerequesites for the enrollment in this course!


  • Cell-free Protein Synthesis in pro- and eukaryotic Systems
  • Cell-free Protein Synthesis in pharmaceutical Protein Research and Production
  • Cell-free coupled and linked transcription/translation Systems
  • Batch-formatted Reactions and Dialysis (CECF)-Systems
  • High-Throughput Membrane Protein Expression using Cell-free Systems
  • Cell-free Synthesis of toxic Proteins, labelled Proteins and Protein Conjugates
  • Cell-free Synthesis of “difficult-to-express” Proteins
  • Cell-free Antibody-Production
  • Chaperones, Nanodiscs and Detergents in Cell-free Systems
  • Qualitative and quantitative Analysis of cell-free produced Membrane Proteins
  • (Autoradiography and hot TCA Precipitation)
  • posttranslational Modification Pathways in Cell-free Systems
  • Generation of DNA-Templates by Expression-PCR
  • Co-translational Translocation in eukaryotic Cell-free Systems
  • Effects of Signal-Sequences in eukaryotic Cell-free Systems
  • Functional Analysis of Cell-free produced Ionchannels and GPCRs
  • Preparation of Giant Unilamelar Vesicles (GUVs)
  • Single-Molecule-Analysis of membrane-embedded Proteins
  • In vitro Synthesis of Glycoproteins
  • Site-specific Incorporation of non-canonical Amino Acids
  • Orthogonal Systems

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