216601a Seminar

WiSe 21/22: Cell biology (advanced course): Signal transduction

Petra Knaus

Information for students

Attention: changes in timetable are possible, after enrollment for the course you will be informed via e-mail


Seminar content:
  • The current view on BMP and TGFß signal transduction beyond the fundamental knowledge (intracellular and extracellular modulators, the importance of intensity and kinetics as well as subcellular localization of effector proteins, crosstalk mechanisms between related pathways).
  • Step-by-Step experimental outline and rational to address each individual step of signal transduction starting with ligand binding to the receptors, receptor activation and intracellular activation and shuttling of SMAD transcription factors binding to the DNA upon nuclear import.
  • How to investigate the different steps of signal transduction by complementary methods.
  • Paper discussion (presented by the students) focusing on recent papers that have been influential in the current view on BMP and TGFß signal transduction.
  • Intense practical and theoretical supervision due to the limited number of participants.

Prof. Dr. P. Knaus: knaus@chemie.fu-berlin.de

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