Cancelled 216461a Seminar

WiSe 21/22: Production and Biophysical Analysis of Selected Membrane Proteins Part 1

Ramona Schlesinger


Content of the seminar:
  • Membrane proteins with focus on different classes of retinal proteins and their functionality
  • Different kinds of membrane proteins expression systems and especially those of the model proteins in the course (Escherichia coli, Pichia pastoris)
  • Biomembranes, nanodiscs, lipids, detergents
  • Different methods for directed mutagenesis via PCR
  • Protein purification procedures like chromatographies, selective precipitation, gradient and sequential centrifugation etc. with practical tips for the lab
  • Crystallisation of membrane proteins
  • selected topics e.g. membrane protein folding, interaction of (membrane) proteins, stalled ribosomes, antibiotics
  • Research projects in AG Schlesinger
Dr. R. Schlesinger: close

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