216621b Laboratory Course

WiSe 21/22: Analyzing musculoskeletal development in vivo

Sigmar Stricker

Information for students

ATTENTION: The absolvation of the modul 216701 "Introduction into delevelopmental biology" in an earlier semester is a prerequisite for the participation in the method course
Attendance of the seminar is obligatory for the attendance of the practical course close


  • Dissection of laboratory mice
  • Tissue embedding, cryoconservation
  • Cryosectioning of tissue
  • Histological methods; Hematoxylin/Eosin staining, Oil Red O staining of tissue sections
  • Alizarin red / Alcian blue staining of skeletal preparations
  • PCR-Genotyping of genetically modified laboratory mice
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • mRNA in-situ hybridization
  • imaging of whole-embryo specimen
  • imaging of histological sections
  • imaging of fluorescently labelled tissue sections

Prof. Dr. S. Stricker: sigmar.stricker@fu-berlin.de close

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