216405b Laboratory Course

WiSe 21/22: Alternative Splicing and Protein-RNA-Interaction

Florian Heyd

Information for students

Die Teilnahme am Seminar ist Voraussetzung für die Teilnahme am Praktikum.


  • Safe handling of radioisotopes
  • Chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides
  • Purification of oligonucleotides via HPLC
  • Purification of oligonucleotides via PAGE
  • Radioactive Labeling of oligonucleotides
  • Single-turnover kinetics on hammerhead ribozymes
  • Purification of target proteins
  • Synthesis of a combinatorial RNA library
  • Enrichment of oligoribonucleotides binding to a target
  • cDNA synthesis via reverse transcription
  • PCR amplification

Prof. Dr. F. Heyd: florian.heyd@fu-berlin.de Dr. Marco Preußner: mpreussner@zedat.fu-berlin.de close

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