216602a Seminar

WiSe 21/22: Molecular Immunology

Miguel Alvaro Benito, Christian Freund

Information for students

The seminars are limited to 10 students. Please register via mail to: m.alvaro@fu-berlin.de until 29th October 2021.


    - Introduction to Immunology: Innate and adaptive immune responses
    - The adaptive immune system: B and T cells
    - The adaptive immune system: antigen presentation by MHC molecules
    - Investigating the dynamics of MHC-peptide complexes by NMR spectroscopy
    - Mimicking antibody libraries in bacteria and in vitro (Phage display, ribosome display)
    - Cancer Immunology
    - Immunopeptidomics
    - Bioinformatic analysis of epitopes

    Prof. Dr. C. Freund: chfreund@zedat.fu-berlin.de
    Dr. M. Alvaro-Benito: malvaro@zedat.fu-berlin.de close

Subjects A - Z