216531 Seminar

WiSe 21/22: Introduction to Epigenomics

Alexander Meissner

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Seminar is only in English. Please email your registration to office-meissner@molgen.mpg.de by December 16th 2021 at the latest. After your registration the log in details will be provided shortly before the Seminar starts. Schedule:


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Chemical modifications to DNA and histone proteins form a complex regulatory network that modulates chromatin structure and genome function. The epigenome refers to the complete description of these potentially heritable changes across the genome. The composition of the epigenome within a given cell is a function of genetic determinants, lineage, and environment. With the sequencing of the human genome completed, investigators now seek a comprehensive view of the epigenetic changes that determine how genetic information is made manifest across an incredibly varied background of developmental stages, tissue types, and disease states.
Aim of the seminar is to provide a basic introduction to epigenetics including an overview and basic understanding of key technologies that produce today’s epigenomic data. On the second day basic data processing and analysis will be covered.

Thursday: Introduction to Epigenetics Introduction to Next-Generation Sequencing Key technologies: DNA methylation mapping, Chromatin mapping, 3D architecture, long read sequencing Isolation of high molecular weight DNA (for long read sequencing), state-of-the-art library generation and QC, Sequencing Friday: From DNA sequencer to data analysis Nanopore sequencing and analysis (Epi)-Genome browsing Epigenetic deregulation in disease Prof. Dr. A Meißner: meissner@molgen.mpg.de close

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