216321a Seminar

WiSe 21/22: Integrative Strucutural Biology

Oliver Daumke

Information for students

Please contact Prof. Dr. O. Daumke (oliver.daumke@mdc-berlin.de) if you would like to participate.


Progress-report seminars on practical aspects of structural biology, including
  • concepts and design of studies in structural biology
  • design of protein samples or complexes for structure analysis
  • progress and problems in expression cloning and recombinant protein production in bacterial or eukaryotic hosts
  • progress and problems in protein crystallization or cryo-EM sample preparation
  • progress and problems in crystal structure analysis of biological macromolecules and complexes
  • progress and problems in structure analysis by cryo-EM methods
  • how to derive and test biological hypotheses from X-ray and cryo-EM structures
  • biochemical studies of a variety of proteins, nucleic acids and complexes

Prof. Dr. O. Daumke: oliver.daumke@mdc-berlin.de close

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