23423a Lecture

WiSe 21/22: V Evolutionary Medicine

Ulrich Steiner, Sophie Armitage, Christian Drosten, Peter Hammerstein, Susanne Hartmann, Michael Hochberg, Sandra Junglen, Dino McMahon, Jessica Metcalfe, Robin Michelet, Katja Nowick, Jens Rolff

Information for students

10 Plätze für MSC Biologie-, 4 Plätze für MSc Biochemie, 2 PLätze für Veterinärmedizin und 10 Plätze für BUA-Studierende

Additional information / Pre-requisites

Basic and deeper knowledge in the life sciences, primarily acquired through modules attended in life sciences and related fields during the first four semesters, or acquired during a completed bachelor degree. close


The lecture and seminar covers general questions in evolutionary medicine. In the seminar current topics in evolutionary medicine will be presented, and critically and controvertially discussed.

Qualification goals:
The lecture links evolutionary theories to and their application in modern medicine. Thereby, the lecture helps to understand health, and how to prevent and treat disease. Topics covered, include viral evolution, evolution of antibiotic resistance, diversification of cancer, aging, and genetic varaibility in humans. The adjacent seminar trains to understand topic scpecific scientific publications, to discuss those topics in the context of the current scientific understanding and to present them in a scientific manner. close

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