23207a Seminar

WiSe 21/22: S Variability of Reproduction Strategies in the Animal Kingdom

Gerit Linneweber, Dino McMahon, Dirk Johannes Mikolajewski, Charlotte Rafaluk-Mohr

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Inhalte des Seminars:
The seminar part will introduce the participants to the concepts of animal reproduction strategies. We will look at k and r reproductive strategies, competition, sperm competition, different modes of reproduction (sexual, asexual) and the reasons for monogamy and polygamy in animal reproduction. All based on interesting examples representing a particular extreme reproduction strategy. For example, golden orb spiders leave parts of their genitals inside the female to prevent further mating’s. Anglerfish males will fuse with female anglerfish and fuse with her bloodstream. In the seminar we want to learn about these adaptations, and we will try to understand the strategy behind these.

At the end of the module, the students will have learned about the varieties of reproduction strategies in the animal kingdom. close

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